Thursday, January 7, 2016

What It's Like Being In Lesbos

So you think you’re a faggot.
That’s nice.
Good job getting to this point. Now what do you expect when you’re expecting? There’s a lot to know about being a homo in the 21st century. With the politically correct atmosphere getting thicker and centering around sexuality and gender, it’s nice to just be talking about simple homosexuality these days. I never thought I’d have to say that, honestly, because I used to think that was as complicated as things needed to be. You’re a guy, and like men? You’re gay as fuck. You’re a woman, and find yourself attracted to women? You’re queer, lady. As insensitive as this will be to anyone who subscribes to absolute horseshit on the internet, the worst it ever got with that level of complexity was fag bashing. Someone didn’t like what you liked and they killed you for it. Hello, 12th century.
These tumultuous days, you’re lucky if you can make it through a grocery store without some androgynous looking half horse man slapping your hand away from a loaf of Wonderbread. If I hear one more god damn asshole telling me some shit about how gluten causes my cisgender to oppress the growth of their organic erection of whatever, I’m going to start phase one of my genocide. Wait, people are doing that all across America. Where’s my AK? I’m frustrated and oppressing people’s merge lanes or some shit, I can’t take it anymore.
That got dark so fast, god damn.
“Be thankful you’re just gay.” I mean that to end this paragraph but I put it in quotes so you can get used to hearing it too.

So being a lesbian has a bunch of perks. Not as many as being born white does, but I mean, it’s got some ups. For one, going to prison isn’t so bad. Assuming you’re a totally shit human and get sent to prison after discovering you’re queer. I hear it’s like high school with more drugs and the fights have more clear winner and losers. I guess getting shanked is pretty black and white.
Bear in mind that finding your snatchlegs in this bumpy ocean of human bodies can be a bit tricky, and there’s a difference between expectation and reality. I’ll help you, mortal.

Firstly, there’s categories of lesbian. Simple stuff really. You’ve got your bulls, your femmes, your sporties, your dungeon crawlers, and your uglies. Before I keep going, I’m talking about real lesbians, not cam whores or gay4pay. Any subcategory of what I’ve already mentioned is just a branch off a named tree; i.e. a Latina who wears Timberlands and sweatpants with her hair plastered to her skull counts as a bull, not sporty.
I've dated all the Spice Girls, so I’ll break it down for you because I’m a saint.

The “pants”, but not always the dominant one. Typically short cropped hair or pulled to a tight bun. Dressed mostly like a young boy, not typically like a man, i.e. polo shirt and faded jeans. The same way you’d dress your son for church or to go to Thanksgiving. Usually I’m the first one to confuse them for a guy in public, despite having nailed females ¾ of my life. I never remember to look for the Adam’s Apple, and to be honest, some of these creatures have them anyway. But I’m also the first to say, “if you don’t want me to call you sir when I say thank you, then don’t dress like one.” You can at least take my gratitude if you aren’t going to take my dick.

The reason people say, “You eat with your eyes first.” Again, just because she likes the way her ass looks in those jeans as much as you do, it doesn’t mean she’s a pillow queen. From my experience, femmes are the ones that try to top you. It’s cute, sort of like when a girl is riding you from the top? All clunky and someone is going to giggle through their ball-gag. They used to be called “lipstick lesbians” but no one really wears lipstick anymore. Ironically, I can spot a femme like a wounded doe in the woods. I’ve never been wrong. 
I mean, I don’t really try to nail gay girls in the first place, so maybe I’m just more than okay at getting straight girls to let me smush than I am anyone else.

I fall in this category and it bugs me more than I think it should. What can I say? We’re a little bull and a little femme. Sweatpants and t-shirts all day, if we can help it. Sneakers of some sort and our hair either down and unkempt or up in a loose bun/ponytail. We look like someone who either coaches or plays softball for high school. I actually like soccer and rugby, but not all of us give a shit about sports. We just like to live “comfortably”, which is ample code for “we like to eat and skinny jeans cut off circulation to our legs”. She has more close male friends than female ones because she can talk sports, drink beer, and she can’t easily be confused for a man. Except when they get older they turn into that PE teacher.

Dungeon Crawler
These ones sound cool and all, but they’re not dungeon crawlers in the sense that they roll dice in your mom’s basement. They live and breathe S&M. They have more shiny leather than all of that awkward fashion moment in 1998. Whips, chains, cuffs, chokers, leather, uh, nipple clamps? Are they into that too? I don’t know. I’ve never been satan.

Have you ever heard your grandmother say, “I don’t know why she’s gay, she’s such a pretty girl.” This is what happens when that isn’t true. Oh sure, they had a boyfriend here or there, maybe when they were younger before they grew into their face. Either way, they didn’t win the genetic lottery. They didn’t even get to play. Now they awkwardly make nothing but female friends and feel better knowing they belong somewhere as someone's token queermo. Until, of course, they “get too drunk” one night and try to kiss one. Then it either happens or it doesn’t, but both situations make things awkward later.

Okay, so you’ve got your hyper-generalized basics down. Which are you? Do you have a penis? Oh, god, speaking of which. Ignore that last question.
Here lies this awesome debate that I love to take on every time I accidently find myself among people who can’t wrap their heads around a noose properly, much less the concept of two people of the same gender “fucking”. The question of dicks. Hold on, I’ll get to that.
The conversation, not like, a dick. Nevermind.

So you’ve got yourself a girl. You picked one, you two like each other. Things are going well. She’s moved in, which is cool I guess. I mean, your space was alright when it was just yours, but now her smell and hair and underwear is literally everywhere. She came with things. She came with her things and they’re intermingling with your things. They’re making things with each other. You two have a great connection. It’s like having a great sister you can share everything with, except you two get to smush. Unless that doesn’t bother you, in which case, at least you can’t make babies.

For all the benefits of having a good connection, there’s a few hiccups. It’s a woman, after all. And for all her beauty and sensuality, there’s also that gross level of shit mixed in. Real life gross.
You're going to do some things you wouldn't normally do with anyone, much less someone who knows what your junk looks like from the inside.






It starts out like fire and spreads. You'll be hard-pressed to find time to do anything else. Nothing is more terrifying to me than a woman who understands how much she loves genuine orgasms, and knows how to draw them off your mouth at alarming speeds. Don't get me wrong, I'm here to please. "How can I help you?" is more than my life motto. It's so much of what comes out of my mouth. Confident women don't give two fucks about telling you exactly what they want when they want it, and eventually they don't have to tell you anything. You learn what she likes, and she'll never leave you the hell alone. I'm actually typing this from my bed. Don't send help. Slide water under the door. 


You're a woman, after all. Now here me out on this. Diving head first into her, erm, "monthly subscription" isn't for the squeamish or faint of heart. Our gender didn't evolve with the same hunter/killer instincts that men did. We evolved with the gift of gab, mothering, and picking different colored berries. Women are more social and more intuitive naturally. So it's not a huge stretch to poke your interests in her direction. You know how horny you get when you're bleeding. Don't lie to me. You feel beautiful, you're putting off pheromones, and the way you hold yourself demands attention. Of course you want to smush. But the smell of blood isn't your thing? Well, lucky for you, menstrual blood doesn't smell anything like say, the blood from your wrist that you slit waiting for a person who cares. It doesn't taste the same either. Honestly, you can break the seriousness that often comes with doing something embarrassing by making it fun. I used to paint smiley faces on their inner thighs so when they went to the bathroom to wash up, they giggled. Nowadays I just smear it all over my face and do the Warriors thing. You know the thing. 


I shouldn't have to mention the obvious dangers of fucking around in someones blood. And I'm not your doctor so you if you grow an extra hand out of your face or suddenly notice parasites in your eyes, don't come crying to me. Don't eat things you find on the street, stupid. 


When you find a break between nailing each other and laying in bed staring at each other for days on end, you'll start living your lives again. Funny thing about that, because the moment you're conscious enough to remember how to spell your name, something always happens. It's an odd natural occurrence that gives little goals to meet throughout the day. Sometimes it's drama, sometimes it's deciding who is going to shower first or if you should shower together. 

You spend so much time near one another, you're starting to become a four-eyed monster that only speaks in moans and pilfers the fridge for cheese&olives at odd hours of the night.  

Think of it like this: There have been controlled studies orchestrated by fancy people in white coats, the kind of people who tap their pens on clipboards, on what happens when you put two people or more in the same environment for long periods of time with no outside influences. You can see it on shows like Naked and Afraid or any prison show on daytime TV. The outcome isn't usually too great, even if the pair were together or intimate before the study started. But sometimes you get two assholes who compliment each other's level of crazy, and somehow they've figured out what works for them. You two have spent so much time together, you've essentially started to twinsies. 
She has anxiety over time, and I can't grab cans of food off metal grocer shelves. I set all my clocks forward so she's pleasantly surprised and she doesn't ask me to hand her corn while we shop. She likes to take baths, and I rock my legs when I sleep. I get to wash her and she doesn't mind the rocking that puts her to sleep. 

Eventually you make other people sick with your twinning shit, so you two will eventually go back to being hermits. There's a healthy level of being one mind, I just haven't found it in any relationship I've ever been in. The "Lesbian Urge to Merge" is strong in more than just finding a U-Haul filled with her shit show up on your lawn after your second date.  


My favorite part of being a woman and charming is that there's always at least one little bitch who tries to get under my skin, by pissing off my girlfriend. It's incredibly childish because here-say isn't even admissible in court, which determines a man's freedom or not, but for some reason my happiness is fair game. Now, if you find yourself a good woman whose head isn't made of fetal alcohol syndrome, then chances are she'll see every shitty gossip against you as a lie. When The Hater can't get to you, they try for what can get to the people you actually sort of like. It manifests all sorts of ways. Sometimes they say you're a cheater. Sometimes they say you're a shit human and abusive, and sometimes they just flat out try to get all your friends to believe whatever green noodly horse shit they can spurt. 

Sadly, the "good" haters are fantastic at this, and use as much truth to lie as they can. Which makes telling the truth make you look like a liar. It's super shitty, so hopefully dear reader, you use your powers for good instead of evil. I pick women who are cultishly loyal to me to start with, so this shit doesn't happen and The Hater looks like a stupid asshole. 

They're pricks because they feel wronged somehow and want you to be wronged too. The Hater thinks your gravy train isn't salty enough, and typically stops at nothing to see it crash. 


Trouble with talking as much as we do is that we share personal things we'd never share with our male counterparts. This is really good when you need to get things off your chest, or if you're having a quiet night in and suddenly remember that time you read a book in the dark using the light from your joint to read it one sentence at a time. Sharing your life story is a choice; no one pries it out of you, but when you tell anyone in this world, much less someone you trust with your secrets and feelings, be prepared to hear it again and have it leave a bad taste in your mouth. 

Women are emotional, and it's gross. They can cut you deep, especially with all your sensitive issues to use against you. Obviously if you found yourself a woman who's perfect in all areas except she flies off the handle, it's time to assess your life. What kind of fly off the handle is she? Does she get mad at petty shit and yell a bunch or does she lose her mind over something a hater said and remind you how much your family hates you and how alone you really are in the world? One is normal woman bullshit that everyone on this earth has to deal with and the other is any Monday of the week in any relationship I've ever been in. How frequent does it happen? Usually someone who cuts deep over petty things are people who are angry with themselves, and it has nothing to do with you. 

But sometimes you're a real prick too, you fucking asshole. Work your shit out. Talk about what your problems are and be honest about what the hell you're feeling before you shoot up a school or sell your ass for spent lotto tickets. 

One of the things I've never been able to shake about nailing women is that if you're messing with lesbians, they've all messed with each other already. You can be in the largest city in America, but you'll still stumble across someone who you're snatch-sisters with. I've avoided this as long as I think I should have at this point, but I chock that up to chasing straight tail and not pre-determined muff divers. Before you assume that I've got so much game I'm God's gift to women, remind yourself that nailing straight girls doesn't make for a solid relationship. As quick as the come, is as quick as they leave. The snatch-sisters issue is a real one, and sometimes The Hater will put a bug in your girl's ear. "She banged her, you know." The good news is, if you two communicate and remember how twinsies as fuck you two get when there aren't any negative people, you'll be alright for the most part. You'll cry and she'll cry. You two bitches will trade apologies and return to recess. But those fights will hurt. Prepare your cunt. 

Girls are stupid. Jesus if it weren't for titties and sweet warm asscheeks slathered in coca butter, I'd date a bag of skittles. 


Back to that thing I mentioned earlier about dick. The standard question I still get today is, "If you're going to fuck cock, why don't you just date dudes?" So I'll simplify what I normally say to that as much as I can. 
Using toys when you smush is something you and your girl decided, to make things more fun and give you more range of where and how you can do things to each other's body. My personal preference is to not have the thing anywhere inside of me. I've never liked it, and nothing is going to change my mind about that. But wearing one is an entirely different story. Do you have any idea how funny it is to walk around with a boner in your pants when your girl is cooking? I've used mine, named Mario, outside of the bedroom. I've cock-slapped my friends or I've made my squeamish friends wear it because they spilled my drink. 

Little boys tug on their junk the moment they discover it, and I totally get why. I like going through the drive-thru dick first just incase they want to get sassy with me. 

But this isn't sex-ed. This is an introductory course on not being a totally shitty lesbian. It's not about the dick, it's about the person your dicking. If you're a male reading this, and you have the same question burning at you, let me break it down for you. Whores take dick for cash. The guy balling a whore isn't in love with her, and she certainly doesn't give a shit about him. It's a business exchange. The person taking every inch on the other end of Mario doesn't give a shit about the fact there's a wang inside of her, she gives a shit that I've got full range of my hands so I can use them. She cares that I'm looking her in the face and that I'm not going to have to stop pumping so I don't cum inside of her. We can play all kinds of games in all sorts of places and I don't have to get lock-jaw trying to have fun. 
So those nipple clamps you like to stick to your wife frees up your hands to hold her legs up. That blindfold makes it so you don't have to play peek-a-boo while you try to use your other arm to slap that ass. The foam triangle holds her ass in the air so she can be face-down in comfort while you rail her from the back makes it so you don't have to lift all 120lbs of her body with your palms for better rhythm.
If you can tell me that your wife or girlfriend "craves" or "needs" the triangle, clamps, or fold, then I'll back off my soapbox and say, "Yeah you're right. Silly me. She's just cock-hungry." but I doubt your wife has developed a deep, horny desire to feel the soft fabric of the triangle holding her up while you destroy her vaginal lining. 

In a nutshell, we don't care for your equipment. It's not attached to someone we like. Gay is weird like that. 


Be sure to let who ever you want to smush what you want to do with that, or it could be an unpleasant surprise in the dark. That sounds so soft compared to the horror of enjoying yourself until you feel a warm piece of plastic try to wiggle it's way to your stomach through your crotch. Some Alien level scary, right there. Trust me, I know. I'll be teaching a class on dicking techniques soon. If you give her some goodness gracious, you might accidentally fuck the housewife into her. Which is not bad at all, as long as you're okay with sustaining her 50's valium and white wine habit. 

Okay, so it's not complicated. Stop making it complicated. Why do you make me do this? Why do you make me hurt you? 
Any relationship is as mature and playful as you make it. Find a good balance and don't watch too many TV dramas. Stop facilitating dyke drama. Start fucking more. Fuck everyone, all the time. Or find one person you really like fucking and fuck them more often if not all the time. Don't lie. If you want to fuck someone else, stop what you're doing and tell the person you're currently fucking so they can make their own whore plans. Don't be stupid. 

Welcome to the fantastic world of glittery cunt and ways to hide the smell of your shit until she poos first. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I’m not sure how to start something like this. If I’m in person, I typically just say what I have to say and if you don't like I typically either drink more or punch you in the gut, depending on what class of people I’m entertaining. I guess just off the dome is how this needs to go.

It’s not secret I hate people. Humans, from an anthropological and theological standpoint are the bee’s knees, but people, their personalities and the shit that spews out of their mouths usually renders me hateful. It’s not even a concentrated hate. Because of the way I think, when I’m pissed off at one person (no matter the gender) I tend to just blame the entire country. I don’t have that thing in my head that says I shouldn’t judge the whole on the opinion of one--but in a nation run by one president, with all his actions scrutinized, on a planet that idolizes a pope, and his actions, what else have I been taught? I suppose that’s unfair. I’m capable of bucking against that grain. But honestly? It’s easier to blame the whole.

I mean, that’s the thinking behind a lot of people isn’t it? Blame something that isn’t them? That’s the trend now, so I see. Why not leap on that bandwagon and go for a trip. Here, I’ll take you with me.

I’m going to explain what I hate, and 80% of you are going to agree with me. Don’t believe me? Let’s try.

  1. “My _____ is just killing me. I’m in so much pain. I went to the doctor and they gave me _____ but it isn’t working. I don’t know what’s wrong. I’m in so much pain and nothing is helping/I went back to the doctor and they gave me _____ but I just feel sick/nothing helps/what’s wrong with me???”

1A: Fuck you.
1B: You’re absolutely right. Nothing is helping you. Dear God, I’m so sorry. After over 100 years of medical discovery and diagnosis, you’re the one diamond in the rough, containing within you the only representation of a disease/illness no one has ever heard of! Oh my god! You’re going to be in newspapers, and on the tv; people will write books about you and oh my! All those home remedies your simpleton concerned friends are giving you aren’t going to work of course, and no one will ever know what’s wrong with you but you, so damn. You’re going to die. Holy shit, you’re going to die!
The Cure: Get fucked. No, I mean it. There’s a 78% you have at least one kid and fit in the >$20,000 a year brackett if this is your problem in life. Having a kid at an early age or while you couldn’t afford it wasn’t the best idea. All the money and love goes to them x2 or x3, which leaves very little time for being you. Do you even remember you? Would before-kid you even say shit like this? Ever? Here’s a pointer. Have your husband/wife ram the shit out of you. You need it. Go on a week’s worth of nice dates. Enjoy yourself. Pay for a sitter. I promise your “stomach” will feel better. Have a little sex. Flirt a bunch. Can’t afford a sitter? Use family. Are you estranged? There are free ways to have you kid taken care of while you go eat. Just fucking do something that’s about you so you remember who you are and stop this senseless bullshit. Seriously. We all think this. Your closest friends who can actually read think this. Please get fucked. Please.

2) “I’m diagnosed _______/_________; there’s a reason I behave this way.”

1A) Are you a female? Refer to 1C.
1B) Unless you’ve served in the military or have been raped, there’s no reason to claim any of this shit. Go get your dick wet, man. Go listen to some great music. What was that band you listened to back in high school that you actually liked? You know? That tune you used to hear in your head when that hot teacher would give you shit. Remember that one. You’re good, man. Chill.
1C) You’re a woman. You’re bi-polar once a month, depressive for two weeks a month regardless and generally good looking all the time. If you’re dating someone or generally bored right now that doesn’t make you an “insomniac”. Shut the fuck up. You’re a normal human being. Refer to 1B.

There’s an entire list of this shit I’m both too drunk and too level-headed to write about. What I’m trying to say is that meeting people in various states has rendered me hateful of this entire place. Why are you so ignorant? What’s wrong with having fun and being happy?

When did diagnoses become so popular and chic? When did rough fucking and one-night stands become the standard?

Here, let me show you.

My name is Lucky. I like gentle touches and kissing very pretty women. I’m entirely normal. I like reading books, watching television series, depthy video games and watching drag queens lip-synch. I like drinking, writing, air hockey and the smell of vanilla. I like bowling, when people laugh, and when the density of alcohol can stack so it makes neat cocktails. I have a ton of embarrassing photos from before digital cameras if you want to see them, and I’ll play any party game as long as I can keep my socks on for it. All my friends are hyper-intelligent and are as unique as I am.

How hard was that.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Your Name Here

I’ve been threatening to write out how different Horoscopes deal with me. I don’t give a shit about them, but I’ve noticed a startling trend that I’m going to share. Previously, I wrote the general definitions of each horoscope, which I can’t find so to hell with it. These are how each sign responds to/how I handle them/me. I have a thing with slashes right now. Keep up. Because I can’t find the other entry, you guys can have the one where I detail how mean I am to Nardo (Libra). Read his path of torture here: here.

Aries: These are the people I always battle for the spotlight with. Occasionally they’ve said something that’s sprouted a chortle from the corner of my face, but most of the time I’m so freaked out by their laser eyed staring to focus. Seriously, they stare. When they want you to touch their body, Aries don’t wait around for you. They can please themselves just fine, but god damn it, when they want to have someone else for the leg work, you’ll know it. I’ve literally been stared at through an entire daytime date, just, in the eye, while I attempted feebly to make small talk and not have my brain explode on the booth behind me. They said nothing. The handprint on the steamy window of her car was from me, not her, trying to claw my way out. Some part of me is still there, screaming.

Taurus: I’ve seriously and stone-face defined heartbreak with these people. There’s something about them that I’m attracted to beyond anything I can actually feel. More often than not, if I like someone and can’t handle my shit, they turn out to be this sign. Two out of three people I’ve been horridly, grossly in love with have been Taurus; none of which reciprocated. It’s the curse, I guess. If sirens were still the number one threat to man’s will, they would be Taureans. Look at their plural term. Look at it. Even in plural, they sound neat as fuck. God, I love them. 9/10 in the sack.

Gemini: What the hell is the matter with you people? You’re always so beautiful but your personalities can’t decide to be agreeable or bullshit. I get the entire “two faces” thing, but jesus christ, you people don’t even have a shift between hot and cold. You can be laughing one minute and Mike Tyson comin’ at my ear in the next. Every single one of you assholes needs to come with “handle with care” stickers plastered to every part of your skin. I mean that in the sense of transporting a live IED and not in the sense of your flux emotions. If that’s what you can call them.

Cancer: Aspergers. All sorts of aspergers. You people are smart, but you take so incredibly long to crack open. You’re great partners, no doubt, for people willing to mill around and figure out what the fuck your problem is. For anyone interested, I’m planning on writing a questionnaire you can use to actually talk to Cancer’s. By planning I mean that I’ll forget about the end of this sentence. Cancer’s almost always hate me right off the bat, even if I don’t say anything, and thusly I’m attracted to them immediately.

Leo: selfish pricks who really suck at spelling. I dated a Leo cheerleader once, which is essentially like saying I dated a narcissist who firmly believed it was their birthday every single day of the year. They always have great hair, and typically find themselves more comedic than me, which is a mortal sin. I don’t like their music, and I’m jealous of their hair. All of the time. Forever. I hate you.

Virgo: you’re me, so you’re perfect. Occasionally I meet a retarded Virgo who didn’t get the memo that we’re pretty smart and charming as hell. When that happens I suffer a crippling moment where I want to take them in and teach them Flowers For Algernon style. Strap them to a chair and just beat them if they attempt to end sentences in prepositions or consider anything released musically in the last five years acceptable. For me, Virgos have always been the people that make cynicism fun. There’s nothing like people watching with a sniper rifle. Of words, I mean. Sort of.

Libra: They are fascinated by me, personally. I don’t know because I’ve never asked, but if I tried they’d likely talk over me to ask me more questions about me. You’d think that I would absolutely adore the people who do this, but in reality they are typically perma-friends. I’m sure the universe put them on this planet to create some sort of friend-safety-net thing just in case someone asks if I have friends I can say, “Yeah.” Every Libra I’ve met is my number one fan, but only as long as they remain in that delusion. They’re typically pretty ADHD so as soon as one remembers I’m not cool, I can typically change the subject back to the best subject, which is me. I said “me” five times. Um, six. (I’m still cool. Did you check that tab you opened? I’m still cool.)

Scorpio: occultists. According to the internet, scorpios are supposed to be the sexually charged sign of blah blah blah, whatever. That’s Aries and Taurus; there’s no way in fuck a scorpion looking symbol has anything to do with sex, not unless, you know, you’re into that. Not to mention, every scorpio i’ve met or have banged is an occultist. Wiccans, Craftians, Satanists, Atheists and people who really hate organised anything, including religion. Although I wouldn’t say they’re dumb, scorpios are the pinnacle of “it made sense in my head”. They’re also either really rail thin, or hugely massive. Not sure what happened there.

Sagittarius: twenty-four years alive on this marble and I’ve never met one. They’re ghosts. If I ever meet one that this point in my life, the first thing I’m going to do is throw water on it to make sure it isn’t some weird projection or something. You know those orbs people claim are dead people in pictures? Those are Sagittarius. Get it right.

Capricorn: dopey and stubborn. Any and all Capricorns I’ve met and dated have come off as the most retarded yet endearing humans. Like three year olds that live in a lifestyle of “meh, close enough”. To be blunt, they’re probably the creators behind the word, “meh” which I fucking hate beyond any other word in the English language. They are also the most stubborn assholes I’ve ever met, but that same stubbornness works alright for at least until they lose interest if you give them a task they think is fun. Think dangling keys to keep baby quiet.

Aquarius: an aquarian made a joke to me once and I haven’t stopped laughing. They’ve always made me laugh the hardest with physical comedy. It could be their sluggish behavior or the odd shit that comes out of their mouth, but anytime I meet one I end up crying. In a good way. Good cry. Good cry is alright. They can go anywhere between sitting next to me for hours just playing a game to forcing me to play hakisak drunk. If you have anything around your house and you’ve wondered who invented it, an Aquarius probably did. Those useless Japanese inventions? Aquarians. The entire site of “FAIL”? Aquarians.
Pisces: conversationalists. These people can talk to me. They know how long to keep a conversation and they have great topics. Typically they even share my interests, which are the only interests anyone needs to have in the first place. Everyone of them I know lives their life in a state of disrepair. Shacks, apartments with no heat, dorms they have to share with Mormons; any and all disrepair. Coincidentally, they also get angry over the most selective shit I’ve ever heard. I think it’s because they sort of rig their way through life; when an odd husk of an issue arises, they explode on it. I can get behind that.

Monday, March 2, 2015

White Skin Tights

Let it be known, single ladies are powerful. They can manipulate other women without saying a word, and in some cases, don’t even have to known each other. Single women can influence another person they never knew existed (typically a weaker, sometimes less than desirable female of the breed). What I mean to say is that I showed interest in a woman who has a child. No dad in the picture. Perfect time for me to step in. Can’t be hard, right? Give the kid a candy or some shit and give the mom a (read: my) bone.
Single moms usually hit that point where they don’t give a shit about any gender as long as they can find a way to chill out and not have to deal with any real shit, while somehow feeding their kid and making sure everyone is clothed enough not to have anyone report them. That’s initiative I can get behind. “Just enough” is pretty solidly my mantra, so you can see how single mothers and I could find a meeting a point.

Facebook has a habit of bringing people together. Mostly people you don’t want near you, much less be together with, but it’s the only entertainment I have without cable. Fell into this number with a kid of her own that lives somewhere around 3000 miles away from me; a perfect distance for a relationship with yours truly. All manner of attractive, she has it all: mental issues, B-daddy issues, financial issues, doubts, bad dreams, and a mean addiction to jewelry and some other smack. She’s stubborn enough to talk despite not wanting to, I’m jaded enough to keep a safe distance. Perfect, right?
Except no one told me that as soon as you get one, you buy the dozen. Not as in this woman had eleven other kids or anything--fuck that--but about eleven other single moms suddenly took interest in my pathetic excuse for a persona. Behind door #1 we had this beautiful, 3000 mile distance brunette with the pains of life crawling outta her mouth. Behind door #2 we have local, home-grown, smile and friendly with every issue in the book and kids who can make full sentences. Mix and repeat for the next few doors, and you see my situation.

I like to think I had a choice in what was happening. That way blame could come sit in my lap and I could pay it, like every other decent whore-ish bad thing that happens to do that. But no. No these women just started coming. Then coming. Then “coming”. I’ve spent the past three weeks popping oxy for door #2 and door #5, valium for doors #3 and #4, and hydrocodone for the absence of door #1. This morning I had wine and sushi for breakfast, followed shortly by a comfortable lunch of Subway, prepared by two teens and a meth head. Dinner was ice cream cake, a packet and a half of chocolate & strawberry pocky, and so far eight or nine beers. I don’t have a diet anymore because I don’t have time. Single moms demand a lot of attention. I’m actually writing this from the bathroom in pieces, and just realized I’m out of toilet paper.
My point is, because of Facebook, other single mothers saw that I was (at least temporarily) capable of maintaining the (sort of) happiness of a single mother. Coupled with the very public fact I’m not the worst person to tumble with and you find yourself being a woman’s free vibrator that also babysits your kids and makes you feel young again. I’m naturally not going to stop this train, so for all the single ladies and their pleasure (seriously), here’s my resume:

Name: Anything you want it to be
Age: Legal drinking
Height: 5’9”
Sexuality: Snatch is pretty cool
Gender: Female (non speculative)
Talents: I’m an alcoholic, I read, and I can drive.
Specializations: cunnilingus, JRPGs, binge watching television shows

Thursday, January 29, 2015

sorta like jan of 15

Springfield, MO: I punch my shower until it shatters. 

Joplin, MO: Drinking and driving. 

Somewhere on Route 66: Gas is $4.99 and everyone is from 1950. 

Santa Cruz, CA: Ambient apathy. 

Santa Cruz, CA: infamous hammock. 

Santa Cruz, CA: mandala soup makes old man hands. 

Santa Cruz, CA: preaching the gospel of blue mountains to curly headed folk. 

Santa Cruz, CA: since named "green shit" AKA brandy and monster. 

Somewhere, NM: that mountain wears halos. 

Phoenix, AZ: a challenge to warm every heart. especially mine.

Tucson, AZ: Pannie-B and his own green. 

Phoenix, AZ: I start drawing again.

Phoenix, AZ: changing tires, rotors, and break pads. 

Tucson, AZ: before I punched someone i've known for almost 20 years, after Pannie-B was done with this shit. 

Tucson, AZ: punched him too. but he wanted it. 

Tucson, AZ: drew again. 

Tucson, AZ: underdressed for every event; having drinks bought for me. 

Tucson, AZ: PANNIE-B.

Tucson, AZ: digger digs 6 strings. 

Tucson, AZ: J and B. 

Tucson, AZ: Pannie-B's Ma. She got me drunk and gifted me a lighter. Obviously a God. 

Tucson, AZ: Diablo Burger. 

Tucson, AZ: relevant stall work. 

Tucson, AZ: spicy pickle from a glass jar. 

Cliff Castle, AZ: "Luke" the dishwasher hunchback and vanilla shake.

Tucson, AZ: Hell is for Heroiks PT 2.